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6/18 "Vanglorious" Unisex Tee

6/18 "Vanglorious" Unisex Tee

Before the term "conscious rap" was a thing, rapping to teach, and bring awareness to knowledge of self, was simply rapping. X-Clan, with Brother J leading the way, took the essence of Blackness and knowledge of self,  to the top of the game. The beats were hard. The rhymes were even harder. The message was uncut and unfiltered. Every record was stamped with the seal of approval from group member Professor X, with his patented "Vannnnglorius!...". It contained it's own energy. It helped define an important era of the 90's. One that will forever be remembered as the Golden Era.

Their words will are art. They are the soundtrack to our lives. We encapsulate them, like a single stem rose, and present them to you. 30 days of music love and appreciation.

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