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6/23 "Computer Love" Unisex Tee

6/23 "Computer Love" Unisex Tee

In 1985, the pride of Dayton, Ohio - Zapp and Roger, released "Computer Love" - a love song in their own unique style. It was the first and only of its kind. Given the time of its release, the height of the 80's R&B Golden Era, "Computer Love" was an instant classic. It needed none of the normal R&B ingredients. It was unique in every way from the production, to the Zapp standard of sound and song writing. It has been sampled over and over throughout the past 40 years. Which confirms the essence of it's uniqueness.

Their words will are art. They are the soundtrack to our lives. We encapsulate them, like a single stem rose, and present them to you. 30 days of music love and appreciation.


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