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6/16 "Impact" Unisex Tee

6/16 "Impact" Unisex Tee

A "Posse Cut" is song that features a rapper, or rap group's, entire crew. One the illest posse cuts of all time is A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario". It featured "Leaders of A New School", a fairly new trio to rap scene but a part of that trio was Busta Rhymes. "Scenario" was truly Busta's coming out party. It was the separation of him from the rest of his group, and the birth of the dragon. He spit one of the most electrifying verse that will turn any up party 'til this day. "...heel up wheel up bring it back come remind..." lead us to a powerful impact culminating in the iconic "BOOM" heard around the world. 

Their words will are art. They are the soundtrack to our lives. We encapsulate them, like a single stem rose, and present them to you. 30 days of music love and appreciation.

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