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6/20 "UNITY" Unisex Tee

6/20 "UNITY" Unisex Tee

"Black Reign" was the third studio release from Queen Latifah. Released in November 1993, it had all the flavor of the Golden Era vibes that were in full swing. Latifah was all the way on her game with this project. "U.N.I.T.Y." was the featured track on this album. The stories of a black woman dealing with black men in various situations, and standing strong in those situations, was relatable to black women all over the world. It became a huge anthem with the chorus calling for unity amongst the brothas and sistas. Calling for love for one another from infinity to infinity is a message that we all need today.

Their words will are art. They are the soundtrack to our lives. We encapsulate them, like a single stem rose, and present them to you. 30 days of music love and appreciation.

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